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Hello everybody and welcome to my website!
My name is Amine Be Romdhane. I am a software engineer and self taught photographer from Tunisia. I’ve always been in love with landscape photography.
And this is my story:


I was born in the north of Tunisia, in a city called Bizerte. Because of that I can say I’ve developed a strong bond with the outdoor environment being born and raised between the beaches and valleys of my hometown.

Nature has always been a safe place for me. A place that heals my mind and soul, a place that makes me feel free.

My passion for the landscape photography started in 2018. In the beginning, I didn’t focus on landscape photography, I just enjoyed taking pictures of nature. However, over time I realized that I enjoy more taking shots of landscapes. I have been trying to find new inspirations and to look at things with a different eye. My style for landscape photography is capturing motion, I focus mainly on water’s flow such as:

  • Seas;
  • Lakes;
  • Waterfalls…


Landscape photography allowed me to transmute my creative urges into the depiction of the beauty of nature. It gave me the freedom of expression, which is manifested through my aesthetic approach to images and the stories I embed on each image.

Not the blue sky but the dramatic scenery and exceptional weather condition attract me to nature photography.

The photographic process is often a struggle; endless hours of waiting, frustration with climate, physical suffering, and the long time devoted to finding the best light. However, somehow I have found a deep sense of meaning in doing so.

For me an excellent photo consists of 30% planning, 30% technique and 30% post-processing. The remaining 10% are luck – mother nature always has the last say.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my full work!

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