Amine Be Romdhane Photography about

My name is Amine Be Romdhane. I am a software engineer and self taught photographer from Tunisia. I’ve always been in love with landscape photography.
And this is my story:

I was born in the north of Tunisia, in a city called Bizerte. Because of that I can say I’ve developed a strong bond with the outdoor environment being born and raised between the beaches and valleys of my hometown.

Nature has always been a safe place for me. A place that heals my mind and soul, a place that makes me feel free.

My passion for the landscape photography started in 2018. In the beginning, I didn’t focus on landscape photography, I just enjoyed taking pictures of nature. However, over time I realized that I enjoy more taking shots of landscapes. I have been trying to find new inspirations and to look at things with a different eye. My style for landscape photography is capturing motion, I focus mainly on water’s flow such as: seas, lakes and waterfalls…